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Statement before the Zoning Committee of the City Council on Bill 44 CD-1 on June 29, 1993

Attached please find a copy of our testimony to your committee on May 4, 1993. The CD-1 draft of Bill 44 does not reflect any of the concerns we expressed at that time, which still stand.

In addition, we would like to comment further on the question of encouraging the retention of historic structures. To achieve this objective and still regulate heights, we suggest:

  1. The foot-print of any legitimately historic structure retained could be given a floor area bonus ranging between 5-to-1 and 10-to-l. This would, in effect, let it substitute for the open space or arcade space bonus which could otherwise be earned.

  2. In addition, for every ten feet of height above 350 feet, an additional 1.5% of the lot should be in public open space, resulting in a total 42.5% open space at 400 foot height and 50% at 450 foot height.

  3. As we suggested on May 4, the 15% minimum as proposed in Section 21-5, 90-2 (a) (3) is meaningless, as it is far lower than already required at 350 foot height and maximum FAR 7.5

  4. No bonus should be given for so-called "community" interior floor space. This was tried elsewhere and turned out badly.

  5. We support item (10) on page 3, which limits maximum bonus to 7.5.

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