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President's Message

The Transportation and Traffic Management Planning Task Force formed under the auspices of Rene Mansho, Chair of the City Council's Transportation Committee on December 22, 1992 held their last meeting on July 27, 1993, and approved the final report. The report will be submitted to the City Council's Transportation Committee for review and hopefully -- action.

This joint private/public sector task force was established to assist the City Council in the development of a comprehensive transportation alternative to rail. The goal of the 43-member Task Force was to develop recommendations to the City Council which provide, within the constraints of public funding, sufficient non-rail transportation alternatives that would improve mobility for Oahu's citizens.

The Task Force was subdivided into four working committees; 1) Highway Capacity Committee, 2) Transit/Paratransit Service Committee, 3) Employee Commute Options Committee, and 4) Parking Strategies and Other Incentives/Disincentives Committee. The Committees met every week for sixteen weeks. Your president was the Vice Chair of Committee #2, and a working member of Committees #1 and #4, participating in a total of 48 meetings from February to June.

Participation in the Task Force, in particular the working committees was a formidable experience in endurance, persistence and patience and an education in compromise that will not be soon forgotten. The coming together of people with special interests, with diverse backgrounds and experiences and working together toward a common goal was sometimes excruciating, often disruptive and frequently tense. However, much to our amazement, the end product is a credible analysis of our transportation needs and positive recommendations for immediate implementation strategies as well as a long range plan.

Notable throughout the report is the focus of the Task Force to move more people, and not necessarily more vehicles, and the policy to give preference to public transit over all forms of road construction or road widening.

A copy of the report will be available at the League office in two weeks.

Arlene Kim Ellis

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