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Activity of Education Committee - 1993

Activity of the Education Committee during 1992 concentrated on public education and legislative education and action. The public schools are not making progress toward reform, and some of the not-very-well-thought-out actions of the Board of Education and Department of Education are coming into focus as unproductive and erroneous.

We sent to all legislators on the Education Committees the FASTBACK publication on Schools of Choice by Mary Anne Raywid. We were complimented by several members for this.

When Dr. Raywid was in Honolulu in January she was interviewed by Tom Kaser of the Advertiser in an article reflecting on what progress, if any, had been made toward reform, and with some suggestions on where reform has been successful on the mainland. As usual, the DOE responded defensively. Her rejoinder to them should appear soon.

The House Education Committee this session is completely reformed and into thoughtful action. Chair David Ige is receptive to new ideas and has requested testimony on certain bills. We feel education will make progress under his leadership.

Meanwhile our film WHY DO THESE KIDS LOVE SCHOOL? Is being used and passed around between schools.

Kapa'a Elementary School was right in the path of INIKI, and consequently lost ten classrooms, the Multi-Purpose Building, several special education rooms, and the roof to the library. As a result 95% of the books were lost. The League put out a call for books and several boxes of donated books were taken to Kauai.

MAHALO to Leaguers who met this emergency. We have a letter form the librarian thanking us for these "emergency" books. When we were on Kauai in January workers were wearing masks and gloves and wiping books of mold, page by page!

Kapa'a has several Schools-within-Schools beginning this year, and more in planning for next year. Even Iniki could not stop this innovative program. Dr. Raywid has advised them for three years, thanks to the League.

We believe the time is ripe for new consideration of choice schools, and we plan to concentrate on some of the new members of the Board of Education. Let us hope we can take off soon on some real restructuring of the schools.

Marion Saunders

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