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Hawaii State Constitution: A Reference Guide
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The Hawaii State Constitution:
A Reference Guide

By Anne Feder Lee,

Past President of LWV-Hawaii

With a Foreword by Governor John Waihee

Although Hawaii is the youngest state in America, it has a long history of constitution-making dating back to 1840. This reference guide is the first history of the Hawaii Constitution with text and scholarly analysis on an article-by-article basis. A table points to key changes in the constitution since 1950. The bibliographical essay highlights major source materials. The table of cases also outline the important cases to date. Finally the index makes the volume easily accessible for varied research purposes by students, scholars, and professionals.

"It is one thing to read a constitutional section 'cold' and another to know about its antecedents, what it is intended to do, and how it has been treated by the courts before examining its detailed provisions. Dr. Anne Lee has directed her considerable research skills to making the Aloha State's constitution comprehensible, and as a consequence the Hawaii State Constitution should prove to be a useful reference tool both for the layman and the technician."

Norman Meller Professor Emeritus University of Hawaii

This book is published by Greenwood Press and can be purchased for $65.00. Write:

Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc.
88 Post Road West, Box 5007
Westport, CT 06881-5007

or call TOLL-FREE, 24 hours-a-day 1-800-225-5800.

A copy of this publication is available in the League office.

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