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Letters to the Editor - 1 - Waterfront Plan (Aloha Tower Group) (John Weil)
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Hawaii Forum: Confronting Issues in an Island Society

Hawaii Forum: Confronting Issues in an Island Society

"What are the Limits to Growth? and How do we Find Them?", will be the topic of discussion by 14 panelists, aired on December 2, t 9:00 p.m. on Channel 13 and repeated on December 18 at noon.

Sponsored by the Public Administration Program at UH Manoa, this is the first program of a planned series called "Hawaii Forum: Confronting Issues in an Island Society."

Th e panelists are selected for heir diverse backgrounds as well s their knowledge, according to Delores Foley, Administrator of he Program. They look at development and growth from many perpectives -- the environmentalist,

the developer, the community, etc. They explore questions such as: what is sustainable growth, and what is our state's carrying capacity? The hope is that this program will encourage and stimulate similar discussions in communities all over the state.

Among the 14 panelists are League members Pat Tummons, editor and publisher of Environment Hawaii and Marilyn Bornhorst, former Chair of the City Council. Also among the panelists are: Hannibal Tavares, former Mayor of Maui County; Bud Smyser, Star Bulletin Contributing Editor; Bill Paty, former Chair of the State Land Use Board; and Dan Davidson, Director of the Land Use Research Foundation, that represent major developers in Hawaii.

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