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Letters to the Editor - 2

October 27, 1993

Dear Aloha Voter Editor:

We have received a copy of Mr. John Weil's letter of October 12, 1993 and, with all due respect, would like to point out that Mr. Weil is misinformed. I would like to take this opportunity to correct some of the points contained in his letter.

The original proposal by Aloha Tower Associates called for 60 million dollars to be paid prior to the signing of a master lease. As we are all aware, between 1989, when the proposal was first made, and the present, the world economy took a serious downturn. By the end of 1992, almost all of the major projects in the country which were not already under construction were halted, deferred, or abandoned. Recognizing the changed economic situation, the state agreed to defer the 60 million dollar lease premium. The developer is still required to pay the total 60 million dollars. The only change is that the developer may pay the sum in increments. All sums must be paid by 1999 and all phases of the project must be under construction by that time.

The 1800 parking stalls Mr. Weil referred to will still be built. The developer is being required to build 1,000 parking stalls for this phase of the project. This is all that is necessary for servicing the Marketplace and is, in fact, more than is required under the City code. The remaining stalls are not necessary until later phases are constructed.

With regard to the parking structure referenced by Mr. Weil, please be advised that the state has never contemplated building a structure to replace anything promised by the developer of the Aloha Tower Project. The parking proposed by the state was in addition to that proposed by the developer. The reason it was proposed was to deal with an aggravated parking situation in downtown Honolulu, not to replace Aloha Tower Project Parking. Admittedly, any increase in parking spaces in the makai area of Honolulu would benefit the Aloha Tower Project but this was not the primary impetus for the proposal. Regardless, the additional parking is not being pursued at this time.

With regard to the financing, please be advised that the 40 million dollars was not to be paid back by the state general fund. Rather, the amount of money (less than $40 million) to construct the facility would have been completely financed by proceeds from the parking garage.

To summarize, Mr. Weil is incorrect when he contends that the developer has defaulted twice. There has been absolutely no default on the part of the developer, nor has the developer been "let off the hook" for anything. Everything promised will be built and everything promised will be paid.

The state's objective is to redevelop the Honolulu waterfront in a manner that is best for all of the people of Hawaii. We believe that by ensuring that the project will be built and ensuring that all sums will be paid, that we have met that obligation. Mr. Weil's focus on the money loses sight of the greater benefits to the people of Honolulu.

Very truly yours,

Daniel E. Orodenker
Special Assistant, DBEDT

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