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National Program on Violence Prevention - LWV-MN

The League of Women Voters of Minnesota has asked us to support their recommendation of Violence Prevention as an issue for study and concurrence at League's National Convention in June.

"Breaking the Cycle of Violence: A Focus on Primary Prevention Efforts" was researched in 1990 by the League of Women Voters of Minneapolis, and positions to support violence prevention were adopted by consensus. By December 31, 1991, the LWV of Minnesota reached concurrence with the LWVMpls's lobbying positions.

LWV of Minnesota is suggesting that National use their study report as a study guide and that local leagues concur with the LWVMpls positions.

The Honolulu Board will take this request for consideration at our November 9th meeting, and the general membership will discuss it at our December 4th General Membership Planning meeting.

The LWVMpls position is printed below. A copy of the study, Breaking the Cycle of Violence: A Focus on Primary Prevention Efforts is available at the League office.

We request your views on this subject either at the December meeting or in writing before then.

LWVMN Position: Support for violence prevention program in our community.


Support of:

  • educational programs that emphasize self-esteem, healthy sexuality, problem solving, positive expression of emotions, non-violent conflict resolution, and respect for others to prevent violent behavior. This would include support for:
    1. Government-sponsored parenting and early childhood classes

    2. Local or state government mandating or encouraging such education programs in school curricula.

    3. Use of public money to train teachers and administrators to use non-violence curricula.

    4. Training for childcare providers.

  • a requirement that adult educators, including coaches, participate in prevention of sexual harassment and violence education programs, and that public money be provided for adequate training.

  • the use of public money for a statewide public information and communication campaign designed to prevent violent and sexually violent behavior; i.e., to promote healthy sexuality, non-violent conflict resolution, and gender and racial equality.

  • efforts of state and local government to develop and coordinate programs dealing with primary prevention of violence.

  • allocation of public monies in governmental programs to combat violence through reducing substance abuse and poverty, and by identifying and responding to individuals who have been violent or are at risk for violent behavior.

  • the following social institutions taking an active role in preventing violent behavior:

    1. Religious community

    2. Business community

    3. Legal community

    4. Medical community

    5. Media

    6. Civic and recreation community

  • efforts to encourage the media industry to exercise self-restraint in the promotion of violence.

  • efforts to encourage the pornography industry to exercise self-restraint in the promotion of sexually violent pornography.

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