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Olelo: Public Access Provided on Television
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'Olelo: Public Access Provided on Television

In 1993, for the first time, Oahu residents were able to watch the Legislature in action on television, thanks to the Legislative Access Pilot project funded and sponsored by 'Olelo: The Corporation for Community Television.

'Olelo is an independent, non-profit corporation, founded in 1989 to manage the public, educational and governmental (PEG) access channels provided by Oceanic Cable. It is funded exclusively by PEG access fees collected from the cable companies.

At present, 'Olelo provides access on two channels: 22 and 26. Channel 26 is currently devoted to education. In January, a third channel devoted to public affairs will be launched. City Council coverage will move to this channel as well as the coverage of the Legislature, if the 'Olelo Board of Directors decides to extend the Legislative Access Pilot project another year.


This is an opportune time for the League to resume production of our television program ."The League of Women Voters Presents."

Certified producers and technicians are needed in order to use 'Olelo's facilities to produce programs, The alternative would be to hire professional producers and technicians.


League will pay the nominal fee for the course of training necessary for certification.

'Olelo classes meet once a week, three hours per class, for 13 weeks. Classes usually meet either on weeknights (6:30-9:30) or on Saturdays during the day at 'Olelo's Mapunapuna facility and/ or Leeward Community College, a satellite facility. There is a waiting list at present for approximately 4 months.

Each trainee has a choice of one of two video production training courses: technician or producer/ director in field and studio settings. The producer field class discusses program conceptualization, scripting and planning, and all of the other particulars related to producing an interesting, informative program. The technical classes describe equipment operation. In the Field portion, technicians learn to use the camera, lights and microphone. The Edit segment covers the edit controller, audio mixer and character generator.

Complicated as it may sound,. League produced shows monthly several years in the past using League volunteers with a minimum of training. For technicians, it would mean giving up one Saturday a month or two months depending on the number of shows we produce a year and the number of Leaguers willing to take the training.

A wonderful opportunity is being offered to acquire some skills in a field which is commanding more and more of our lives, and can make one more conversant in the technical aspects of the world of communication. CALL THE OFFICE AND JOIN THE TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS.

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