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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
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President's Message

Saturday, December 4, is the date scheduled for League's Annual Program Planning meeting. This is the opportunity for all members to suggest topics for study in our fiscal year April 1994 through March 1995.

Throughout this past year, we have had many phone calls from members suggesting we take action on many varied issues. Often, we have had to demur because they were issues we had no position and, therefore, we were not free to publicly testify in favor of or in opposition to the issue. For all of you who were disappointed in the answer - the December program planning meeting is where you can try to get membership approval to study your favorite issue, work toward member consensus, formulate a position, and then take action.

In identifying these issues that would interest League members and that would provide an opportunity for the League to make a difference, members should consider the following questions:

  1. Are enough of our members interested in this issue?

  2. Is this an important public policy issue?

  3. Does this issue have an impact in our community?

  4. Is this the crucial time for this issue?

  5. Can this issue be resolved through government action?

  6. Do political realities permit effective action?

  7. Does the League have a unique role to play on this issue?

  8. What is the impact on the workload of the entire League?

  9. If special funds are needed, where would you get them?

New studies are not the only topics discussed at our Annual Program Planning. meeting. We are open to suggestions for emphasis and action on those issues we now support. Since we live in a world in which issues do not necessarily fit into clear-cut categories, many issues cross over traditional umbrella League categories such as Government, International Relations, Natural Resources and Social Policy. Clearly, one of the strengths of the League of Women Voters is the multi-issue nature of our organization. Several Issues for Emphasis could include the potential for new consensus or concurrence.

Finally, attention must be given to National recommendations for study and focus. National Convention '92 recommended Health Care, Election Reform, Right to Privacy in Reproductive Choice, and Waste Management and Pollution Control as Issues for Emphasis for 1992-94. This year, the Issues of Emphasis suggested by the National Board take on a broader scope than in previous years. Upon adoption, the Issues for Emphasis will define the focus of the League's advocacy and education activities on national issues for the coming two years, with the National Board given the flexibility to modify the recommended Issues for Emphasis in the event of critically changing political events.

Arlene Kim Ellis

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