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Some Suggestions from the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee, in its deliberations and search for officers and board members, has reached several conclusions. Our suggestions are made without criticism of any particular officer, board member, or League Board. In fact, we are very grateful for their willingness to assume this workload for the League.

First, the duties of the various officers and directors should be more clearly defined and understood so that one or two persons do not assume or have to assume all the work of the League. We realize that League presidents in the past have taken the time and have been willing to do this. Past presidents and other board members probably have been following the old adage that if you want something done right, do it yourself or perhaps they didn't want to waste time trying to find someone else to do it. However, in this day and age it highly unlikely that similar persons can be found.

Second, the presidency may be too time-consuming for one person especially if she is employed outside the home or has other demands on her time. Therefore, we suggest two alternatives -- elect co-presidents or delegate some of the president's duties to the vice-president. For instance, the president would speak for the League, approve testimonies and correspondence, and make final decisions alone or in cooperation with the vice-president. The vice-president could handle the administrative details such as office management, attending meetings as a representative of the League, etc.

Third, the League is a multi-issue organization and the opportunities for action under the various League positions already reached on the national, state, and local levels are almost unlimited. It is up to each Board to decide what actions to pursue taking into consideration the timeliness, need for action in that area, the availability of leadership and League members as well as other community persons interested and willing to act on it.

Fourth, volunteers should be actively recruited to staff the office at least part of each day. (Several members have indicated a willingness to do this.) The message on the phone answering machine should give the hours the office is open, an emergency phone number, and the fact that phone messages will be picked up periodically during the day. Messages from the League answering machine can be picked up using an electronic code.

Fifth, a person other than the president should assume responsibility for conducting vote counts. (A member has already agreed to do this.) It would also be wise to train a cadre of members in how to conduct a vote count from soliciting, pricing, setting up, and on through the final tally. Therefore, if an emergency arises, there is a substitute available.

Sixth, the Voter editor should be responsible for assembling, editing, and printing the newsletter with the help of others. Board members and others are expected to submit articles on their areas or other items of interest. These could be used for Viewpoints as well.

Seventh, Board members and committee chairs should be assigned specific duties either in subject matter areas or administrative such as fundraising. They should be responsible for recommending and carrying through in their areas, preparing testimony, articles for the newsletter, and keeping the board up to date on what is happening in their areas. Orientation. and training for board members should be conducted at the beginning of each League year.

The Nominating Committee is still in the process of making its deliberations and searching for nominees. If you have any suggestions or reaction to our suggestions, we would like to hear from you. Please call the office and leave a message.

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