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Membership Recruitment Committee (Grace Furukawa)

Membership Recruitment Committee

In August 1993 the Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu reviewed the membership numbers and concluded that new and inactivated members maintained the basic membership to around 260. It was felt that a special effort was needed to increase and maintain the membership. As a result a special membership recruitment committee was formed consisting of Jean Aoki, Grace Furukawa, Annie Kim and consulting members Ah Jook Ku, Joyce Loo and Opal Sloane.

The first deliberations of the committee were directed to inactivated members over the last three years. Each was written to and urged to rejoin. As a result many did rejoin. However, we still continue to have members who for reasons of relocation, deteriorating health, efforts to cut back on activities, etc., who drop their membership each month. We will continue to keep track of these members and follow through.

The effort to retain members by trying to include them in the activities of the League was the next priority. A phone tree will be reactivated in January. This will serve to remind members of current activities in which they may be interested. Orientation sessions, not held in the last .three years, will be held around the island. Many new members, especially those who joined through the National League, are not always aware of the philosophy, goals and local issues of League and many have misconceptions about League. These sessions will be social in nature, acquainting members and others in the League. We hope to encourage a wide variety of folk to come together to learn and join the fun. These sessions will begin in January.

The effort to reach out to men, younger people, and a variety of ethnic groups is a challenge to the committee. Younger members may be stimulated into joining the League if informed of those issues that is the focus of League that may be of interest to them. Our orientation sessions in West Oahu where the population shift is occurring, hopefully will bring in younger family members along with a more diverse group. We plan to have orientation sessions in Aiea or Kapolei and advertise to recruit people there.

As our membership continues to grow older, many find active participation difficult, and in some cases, impossible. Those members support the League through their dues and contributions and are our "cheer leaders." We need them as much as those members who are active participants.

The details of the Phone Tree and the Orientation Sessions will be published soon. Thanks to the meticulous records kept by Membership Chair Annie Kim over the past few years, our data is current and we will continue to follow up.

Grace Furukawa

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