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National Campaign for Health Care Reform
Public Forum on Health Care Reform (Irene Coogan)
Can We Look for Education Reform (Marion Saunders)
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Busy 1994 Agenda for P & Z Committee (Astrid Monson)
Waikiki Rezoning Workshop (Astrid Monson)
Hawaii Is Seeing Too Much Violence
League of Women Voters of Honolulu Budget Report

Legislative Alert

Immediate Action Necessary

The legislative access bills have been heard in some committees and are now ready for final votes.

Legislative Access

Call Senator Donna Ikeda, Ways & Means Chair, (ph. 586-6690) and Rep. Calvin Say, Finance Chair, (ph. 586-6200) and ask them for support in funding: a) cable television broadcast of legislative proceedings for the 1995 regular session, b) installation of equipment, e.g. cables, control panels, cameras, etc. as part of the Capitol renovation program to facilitate cablecasting, and c) full time staffing of the Access Room.

The original bills have been consolidated, substitute bills introduced, etc. so just call these bills, "legislative access bills."

Call your own legislators for support. REGARDLESS of the present status of these bills, voice your firm commitment for legislative access.

Gun Control

These bills have passed the Senate and will cross over the House:

SB 2364-SD 1 - requires registration of all fire arms.

SB 2393-SD-1 - requires those under temporary restraining order to turn in fire arms to police for safekeeping.

Call Rep. Terrance Tom, Judiciary Chair, to report these bills out for floor action.

Call your own representative for support on these bills.


HB 3290 and SB 2720 - expands and enhances the powers of the Ethics Commission and makes commission proceedings open to the public.

Call Rep. Terrance Tom and Sen. Donna Ikeda and ask them to support these bills.

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