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Hawaii Is Seeing Too Much Violence

Too many people being killed by guns. The idea that anyone can buy a deadly weapon which will fire 9 times in 7 seconds without knowing how to use it safely is crazy. You can HELP make a change. Call your representative's office to show support for a "license guns like cars" bill asking citizens who own guns to pass a safety test, as we do drivers. All guns, like cars, would be registered.

This change will in no way infringe on the constitutional right to own a gun. It will simply require gun owners to know the "rules of the road" in firearm safety. This measure will benefit not only gun owners and their families, but the entire state. By leading the country in gun safety, Hawaii could be known as the safest state in America. This would help our economy flourish in the new found security of our visitors and residents.

You can make the difference.

Make Hawaii safer for everyone. Call your elected officials and ask their support for "licensing guns like cars". Believe it or not, they do listen.

You can make the difference.

John Waihee 586-0034
Norman Mizuguchi 586-6870
Rey Graulty 586-6670
Matt Matsunaga 586-7100
Ben Cayetano 586-0255
Joe Souki 586-6100
Terrance Tom 586-6490
Ron Menor 586-6150

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