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Vote Count Alert

The PHFCU election is over. Thanks to Sutphen, Kim, Aoki and Bender, the HTEFCU vote count will be completed next week.

But, we have ahead of us a new account that is going to demand our full attention. We will be conducting the election of the ILWU between the dates of 5/11-6/20. This will involve mailing out upwards of 30,000 ballot packets by 5/14, alphabetizing, checking for eligibility, and sorting by districts and islands, all the ballots that are voted and returned, between 5/16-6/14. We will do the mail-out at the ILWU headquarters on 451 Atkinson Drive. Voted ballots will be received at the League office where the sorting will be done. 6/10 will be the postmark deadline for return mail so the office activity will terminate by 6/14. Tallying will be done at 451 Atkinson Dr. over the weekend beginning 6/18.

In previous years, the ILWU has experienced 12,000-15,000 returns. In comparison, the Teamsters have had about 1/3 of that and Local 5, about 2 1/2. Gauging by our experiences with the Teamsters & Local 5 elections, we will either need double the workforce or double the time. We are looking at 40 to 60 volunteers or working for two whole days.

We want our initial contact with the ILWU to be a rewarding and successful one for both. To accomplish this we need all the help we can get from the membership and our friends. Get the word out now and mark your calendars. Call the office (ph. 531-7448) and sign up now. It is not too early.

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