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Ewa/Central Oahu Development Plan Revision

Robin Foster, Honolulu's Director of the Department of Planning, will meet with League's Planning and Zoning Committee at its May 23 noon meeting at the League office to discuss the progress in the Ewa/ Central Oahu Development Plan Revision Program. These two areas were selected to be the first to undergo the re-evaluation and comprehensive planning mandated by the 1992 Charter Revision adopted by the voters and designed to replace the project-by-project approval process which our development planning had become. Thus, what is being done here may well set the pattern for how planning will proceed in the island's six other Development Plan areas - the Primary Urban Center, East Honolulu, Koolauloa, Koolaupoko, and the North Shore, and Waianae.

Among the. topics to be discussed are:

  1. General Plan Growth Management Policies Background A discussion of overall strategy, population distribution (island-wide and within the Ewa/Central Oahu region), and the spatial distribution and character of development with the region.

  2. Current Planning Department Forecast of Population, Employment, and Housing (1993). A discussion of methodology, islandwide results, and regional implications and problems.

  3. Current DP Patterns and Development Capacity. A presentation on current DP land use patterns and the implications of current development capacity in Ewa/Central Oahu.

  4. New Landowner/Developer Development Proposals. A description of proposals being considered by land owners and developers for future development in the Ewa/Central Oahu region.

There will be also be a preview of alternative DP scenarios which the Department is now defining.

All League members are invited to attend the meeting and bring any guests you think would be interested.

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