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League of Women Voters "Ad Watch"
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League of Women Voters "Ad Watch"

In recent years, the public has been inundated with negative political advertisements that served no useful informational purpose other than character assassination, innuendo and rhetoric. The electorate reacted to this negativism by staying away from the polls in droves.

The public deserves to know where candidates stand on the issues of greatest concern to them. Candidate Forums, however informative, cannot reach all segments of the voting population. The proliferation of political advertisements adds another dimension to reaching voters. Unfortunately this medium is frequently used to "inflame" rather than "inform."

The League will be conducting a non-partisan "Ad-Watch" by a "Truth Squad" during this election year A committee composed of League members will evaluate political advertisements in the print and video media using a set of criteria including integrity, honesty, clarity, and the inclusion of useful, meaningful information. The conclusions derived from the evaluations will be announced weekly over KGMB, Channel 9, during their six p.m. news program every Monday.

This is an ambitious project that will require "people-power." We will need a set of volunteers to cut out all political ads pertaining to the Gubernatorial and Mayoral races found in the Advertiser, Star Bulletin, Honolulu Weekly, Mid-Week and the Sun Press. We will need an additional set of volunteers who have access to VCR's to record political ads throughout the day that are shown on Channels, 2, 4, 9, 5 and 13. These tasks can be performed by Leaguers who are house-bound and unable to participate in other ways. The logistics of pick up and delivery of print ads and tapes will be explained to those who wish to volunteer. Call the office for further information.

Those Leaguers who are interested in joining the "Truth Squad" are welcome to call the office for meeting times and dates. We have been meeting at noon on Fridays, but the day and time may need to be changed to accommodate more of the participants. Evaluations may take from three to four hours per meeting. The office phone numbers are: 531-7448 or 537-6267.

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