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League and Educational Reform

The Education Committee has continued to study and review new proposals for education reform on the mainland and elsewhere. We are currently involved in an analysis of Hawaii's newly passed Comprehensive Education Bill. We have also continued earlier efforts, meeting with schools considering change and interested in our assistance, responding to requests for materials, etc. The Committee has, in fact, functioned as something of a clearinghouse for information, advice and research related to school restructuring.

In 1989 the State League brought Dr. Mary Anne Raywid of Hofstra University to Hawaii as visiting professor at the University of Hawaii and consultant to the League and community agencies. Private foundations made grants for this purpose.

Since that time Dr. Raywid has returned periodically and worked with schools that benefited from her earlier time here. One such school is Kapa'a Elementary School on Kauai. This summer Dr. Raywid spent a week on Kauai attempting to ascertain the extent of the change that has occurred at one of the state's most progressive elementary schools. Kapa'a large enrollment (1500) has been organized, over a 3-year period, in to 8 schools-within-schools (SWS), each with a distinctive mission and approach to teaching and learning. It is the only school in the state to put school choice into action school-wide.

As one teacher put it, "It just makes sense to offer a variety of schools because we aren't all the same! This way everyone has a choice, and in these child-sized communities we can all find places to belong."

The League should take pride in having been instrumental in the launching of this reform through our Education Project on Revitalizing Public Education. One further note: Kapa'a Elementary has a beautiful library reconstructed since Iniki--a whole new roof! The League sent books to help restock the library; they are immensely grateful.

Marion Saunders
Libby Oshiyama
Co-chairs, Education

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