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Astrid Monson Recipient of Donald Wolbrink Chapter Achievement Award

The Donald Wolbrink Chapter Achievement Award recognizes an individual, firm or organization for any exemplary planning related activity which warrant special recognition by the Hawaii Chapter of the American Planning Association.

It was because of Astrid Monson's dedication and hard work that the League of Women Voters received the first Donald Wolbrink Chapter Achievement Award in 1991. This year's award goes directly to Astrid Monson.

Astrid Monson has been chair of the League of Women Voters Planning and Zoning Committee since 1978. She has testified or written testimony for others to read on almost every major planning and development issue coming before the City Council for the past fifteen years with a single, consistent agenda "to try to protect the public interest by enactment and enforcement of effective planning and zoning ordinances and regulations, and to try to prevent the distortion and destruction of these instruments by those seeking special privilege based on their financial power and/or political clout."

She has served on numerous advisory committees on planning and zoning matters for the City's Departments of General Planning and Land Utilization, most recently the City and County Development Plan Revision Advisory Committee in 1993 and the City Charter Revision Committee's Subcommittee on Planning in 1991. She was a panelist on the City Council's recent workshop on Growth Management.

Astrid is a retired city planner and teacher of city planning who remains actively involved in city planning issues. During the past fifty years she has been a senior staff planner for Detroit City Plan Committee and for the New York City Planning Commission, as well as a planning consultant in Seattle and other cities. She was in charge of research and about half of the Comprehensive Revision of the New York City Zoning resolution in 1957-1961, during which period she also taught in the planning school of the Pratt Institute. From 1962 to 1973 she worked on United Nations Development Programs as a planning consultant, with her husband in Buenos Aires, Taipei and Nairobi.

Adjectives that come to mind are knowledgeable, indefatigable, unflagging and so forth. "Retired" is not one of them. We know that she is at least 80 maybe a bit older. We cannot think of anyone more deserving of this recognition.

Jackie Parnell

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