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Candidates in Focus

League members helping 'Olelo coordinate "Candidate in Focus" are, from left to right: Penny Mueh, Joyce Loo, Ann Todd, Grace Furukawa, Jean Aoki, Pearl Johnson, Amy Mizuno, Melissa Rayner, Carol Kleppin, JonaLynn Sing, Annie Kim, Luree Hays and Betty Paige.

Fifteen Leaguers have volunteered to help in 'Olelo's "Candidates in Focus" project.

'Olelo is offering free TV time for all candidates running for elective office. This program provides an equal opportunity for all candidates, incumbents as well as challengers in contested races to address the voters as an introduction of themselves or a platform from which to address specific issues or both. This public service is a much needed one that the League supports whole-heartedly.

The taping of candidates addressing the television audience has commenced, and two Leaguers per day are helping to greet and guide the candidates through the taping process. This will continue for at least two-and-a-half weeks. A training session was held on July 26 from 5:30 to 7:00 PM at 'Olelo headquarters.

Each candidate will appear on the Views Channel (cable 24) and Chronicle (cable 21) three times, from August 21 through September 3.

League members helping in this project are: Grace Furukawa, Luree Hays, Annie Kim, Carol Kleppin, Joyce Loo, Suzanne Meisenzahl, Amy Mizuno, Penny Mueh, Betty Paige, Melissa Rayner, JonaLynn Sing, Ann Todd, Pearl Johnson, Betty Smith and Jean Aoki.

There will be a hotline number (834-0007, ext. 174) available 24 hours a day with information regarding the scheduling of various candidates 3 days in advance of each showing.

Jean Aoki

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