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Education Committee Meets

A small group spent considerable time discussing the Edison Project, just approved by the Board of Education for the implementation. Details are currently being worked out, and the contract has to be signed by September.

It was decided the League should make known to the Board some of its concerns about the Edison Project. We put in questions and our recommendations and forwarded them to members of the Board of Education.

It was agreed to monitor the Edison Project as it is put into action.

High schools and tech-prep were also discussed. Dr. Joyce Tsunoda, Chancellor for Community Colleges, would like to come and discuss this.

A major event is coming up December 7 - a reception for new and old legislators at St. Andrews Cathedral, Von Holt Room. This has not been done for several years, and this year there will be a big crop of first-timers, thus we want them to know about the League. We welcome volunteers to assist with this.

There will be no meeting in September, but we have set an October meeting for Thursday, October 13. Time and place will be determined later.

EDUCATION is THE hot topic both locally and nationally. We want to stay in the middle of the fray and make a continuing contribution to reform.

Marion Saunders

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