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President's Message: LWV to Go to Beijing Conference (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Political Ads Found to Lack Substance
Volunteers Needed for October Vote Count (Arlene Ellis)
Leaguer Authors Book about Peace
Planning and Zoning Committee Faces Post Election Challenges (Astrid Monson)
Environment Committee to Work with Other Groups
League Involved in Convention Center Planning
Human Resources Committee: LWV on Violence Prevention (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
1994-95 Membership Directory Changes

Leaguer Authors Book about Peace

LWV member Rhoda Miller has recently published a book about the conception of the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) and its role in American political thought. The USIP was established in 1984 as part of the Defense Authorization Act, a contradiction that highlighted the political maneuvering involved in its formation. The history of the peace movement, peace education, and conflict resolution in the United States are chapters in the book. A study of the USIP's workings and achievements concludes the work.

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