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President's Message: LWV to Go to Beijing Conference (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Political Ads Found to Lack Substance
Volunteers Needed for October Vote Count (Arlene Ellis)
Leaguer Authors Book about Peace
Planning and Zoning Committee Faces Post Election Challenges (Astrid Monson)
Environment Committee to Work with Other Groups
League Involved in Convention Center Planning
Human Resources Committee: LWV on Violence Prevention (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
1994-95 Membership Directory Changes

1994-95 Membership Directory Changes


Burg, Diana & Gay Bouchakian
Byerly, Beth E.
Hands, Tara
Honda, Arhlene
Iannce-Spencer, Cynthia
Lucia, Sunny
Smith, Betty P.
Tanaka, Earl T.
Westley, Sidney B.
Woods, Claudia H.

Roster Changes

Susan and Duke Bainum
Eleanor H. Davis
Chlois McCarter
Anne M. Miller
Marian Miller
Pat J. Vannatta
Wendy Warren


Carol Britton and June Sasaki
Linda Servis
Mildred Loo
Dorothy Murdock
Pauline Stitt

Mahalo for Contributions

Eve G. Anderson
Evelyn Bender
Beth E. Byerly
Sumiye Konoshima
Jane Gibson Likert
Joyce Loo
Dorothy Murdock
Patricia Tummons

League of Women Voters of Honolulu

President - Suzanne E. Meisenzahl
Vice President - Jean Aoki
Secretary - Grace Furukawa
Treasurer - Pearl Chang Johnson

The remarks of Michael Liu (R), candidate for the state senate from District 24, were inadvertently omitted from the 1994 Voters Guide recently published by LWV and several women's organizations. You can call Liu at 545-6450 (B) or 235-1805 (H) for more information about his views.

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