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Cancer Links, Water Resources Studied

One out of nine women are expected to contract breast cancer. Only thirty percent of breast cancer is due to known risk factors such as diet, alcohol intake and smoking. The links between breast cancer and environmental contamination is mounting, and more in-depth studies are planned. This was the information gleaned from a public forum on breast cancer and environmental contamination sponsored by the Hawaii Breast Cancer Action attended by LWV environment committee members. The panel was moderated by Marion Kelly, ethnic studies professor from UH, and coordinated by Colleen Kelly.

Speakers included Dr. Sandra Steingraber, noted ecology scholar from Radcliffe College, Judy Brady, women's health activist from San Francisco, and Cha Smith, project director for pesticide reform and groundwater protection of the Washington Toxics Coalition.

The committee also attended the state commission on water resource management meeting on the Waiahole Ditch water releases. Up to 18 million gallons of water per day are being dumped into dry gulches and streams in leeward and central Oahu. Windward farmers would like some of this water released back into windward streams. Currently, Waiahole Irrigation Co., a subsidiary of Amfac, has control of the approximately 28 million gallon water system. No decision was reached at the meeting, but all parties agreed to mediation.

Committee chair Carol Kleppin and members Tara Hands and Suzanne Meisenzahl invite interested LWV members to join their group. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 15, 1994, at 5 p.m. in the office.

Carol Kleppin
Chair, Environment Committee

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