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President's Message: Honolulu Needs the League of Women Voters (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
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President's Message: Honolulu Needs the League of Women Voters

Plans are underway to celebrate the League's 75th anniversary on Feb. 14th, 1995. The festivities began at last June's national convention in Washington, D.C., and will culminate at Convention '96 in Chicago, the site of the League's founding in 1920.

Throughout this next year we will be honoring those courageous men and women of vision who fought so hard for the right to vote and worked to create and build our organization. We owe those early leaders a tremendous debt – a debt we can only pay by following their lead, by working to renew and energize our organization and by fighting to build a better society. In a society where cynicism about government is rampant and democracy is taken for granted, it is clear that the League of Women Voters is needed now more than ever.

Building a strong future for our organization depends on the effort we make to reach out to the entire community. To be a true voice for citizens, we must reflect the community we represent. Too often we focus inward and plan our activities around what we think the community needs. But have we asked? Have we sought out other community leaders to find out their interests and how we can work together? We must look at the opportunities before us that will enable the League to be a community resource for everyone.

The job will not be easy. The public is cynical about achieving any real change in government. They are doubtful their vote matters. But it does matter. Their voice in government is crucial and is the cornerstone of our organization's mission.

As we celebrate during the next two years, reflecting on our past and charting our future, let us recommit ourselves to the League's mission. From now and into the next century, the League's goals will be to stand up for citizen concerns – from transit to land use to violence prevention to the environment – and to create substantially greater participation in the democratic process.

We must encourage people from across the community to join us. Already this fiscal year, from May, 1994 we have increased our membership by 167o. This equates to 41 new members added to our organization. We know Honolulu needs the League. As YOUR birthday present to the League, go out and talk about the difference we make in the community. Ask someone to join. Introduce the League to the next generation of members.

Suzanne Meisenzahl

"We must do the things we think we cannot do."

-Eleanor Roosevelt,
LWV member

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