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President's Message: "Look at the World through Women's Eyes" (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
League Lands in the Middle of a Highly-Charged Political Dispute
Mayor Jeremy Harris to Address League
Honolulu League Continuing Program 1994-1995
Honolulu League Testifies on Development Plan Amendments (Astrid Monson)
Domestic Violence Film to Be Aired
Learn about League
Education Committee (Marion Saunders)


LWV/Honolulu members who were elected to office on Nov. 8, 1994 included Democrats, Republicans, and non-partisan candidates:

Daniel Akaka (D), U.S. Senator.

Eve Anderson (R), House District 51

Duke Bainum (NP) City Council District 4

John Henry Felix (NP) City Council District 3

Les Ihara (D), Senate District 10

MaryJane McMurdo (D), House District 21

Cynthia Thielen (R), House District 49

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