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President's Message: "Look at the World through Women's Eyes" (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
League Lands in the Middle of a Highly-Charged Political Dispute
Mayor Jeremy Harris to Address League
Honolulu League Continuing Program 1994-1995
Honolulu League Testifies on Development Plan Amendments (Astrid Monson)
Domestic Violence Film to Be Aired
Learn about League
Education Committee (Marion Saunders)

Honolulu League Continuing Program 1994-1995

Local Government Emphasis on open and responsive government. Action to include observing at the City Council. Testifying and lobbying on issues relating to League positions and validation of the following points of current League positions:

  1. The Council should have reliable and independent sources of information to assist in its legislating and policy-making duties;

  2. The League supports the concept of the citizen legislator. This term is defined as one who gives only part of one's time to public service - that may be part of a day, some weeks or months, or a few years away from the private sector;

  3. The Council should be non-partisan and composed of some members elected by district and others at large.

  4. We believe that a small, visible council functions most effectively and can more readily be held accountable for its actions.

  5. If a council member faces a substantial conflict of interest in a matter before the council, said member should be free to abstain from voting.

Planning and Zoning: Promote member and public understanding of the planning process. Promote city planning, which includes overall development objectives and encourages citizen participation. Promote action on planning, zoning and housing.

Rail Transit: Support and monitor study and implementation of "bus rapid transit" and other alternatives to rail transit.

Transportation: Promote understanding of Oahu's transportation needs and problems among League members and the public.

Neighborhood Boards: Support continuation of a system to strengthen resident participation in government process, with improvements to the system.

City Funding: Support provision for adequate revenues to provide for necessary public services.

Initiatives: Support direct and indirect initiative and referendum at city level for both amending the charter and for ordinances

Recycling: Support and monitor the implementation of recycling efforts by the city and the community.

Schools: Support and educate the public on what needs to be done, in addition to following legislative proposals. Honolulu will implement the position taken by the state on schools-of-choice.

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