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Mayor Jeremy Harris to Address League

Newly elected mayor Jeremy Harris will be the featured luncheon speaker at the Honolulu League's annual program planning meeting on Saturday, Dec. 10, at the C'est Si Bon Ballroom of the Pagoda Hotel. Members and their guests are urged to get their reservations in early, as the luncheon part of the meeting is open to the public.

Please call the office with your reservation before December 5th. Cost of the luncheon is $17.75. Parking is available at Keeaumoku Square on the corner of Keeaumoku and Kanunu streets for $1.00 with validation.

Honolulu League members are asked to bring their suggestions for local program items to the annual program planning meeting. The items will be discussed by the Honolulu board, and then presented to the members for formal adoption at the annual meeting in April.

In addition to implementing items on the national and state levels, such as the newly adopted position on violence prevention, the local league adopts program items of its own. The usual pattern is for an issue to be studied for about two years, member consensus taken, and an action program adopted, designed on the basis of the consensus position.

Members who want to suggest new items for study and action are asked to consider the following criteria:

§ Are enough of our members interested in this issue?

§ Is this an important public policy issue?

§ Does this issue have an impact in our community?

§ Is this the crucial time for this issue?

§ Can this issue be resolved through government action?

§ Do political realities permit effective action?

§ Does League have a unique role to play on this issue?

§ What is the impact on the workload to the entire organization?

§ If special funds are needed, where would you get them?

Bring your ideas to the meeting on December 10th!

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