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President's Message: Leage Anticipates a Busy 1995 (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
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New Directions for 1995
Physical and Sexual Violence Bill to Be Revised (Pamela Ferguson-Brey)
Congratulations, Pamela!
Planning and Zoning Committee Has Busy Month (Astrid Monson)
State Data Book Wins Again (Astrid Monson)
City Finances Discussion Slated (Jean Aoki)
Rights Petition Circulated
Information Exchange Conference Planned (Marion Saunders)
Letters to the Editor - LWV Action Praised (Faye Kennedy)
Letters to the Editor - Mahalo for LWV Kokua (Martha Ross)
Volunteers Needed

Letters to the Editor - LWV Action Praised

I was very proud to be a new League member when you agreed to render a decision regarding the accuracy of Pat Saiki's sexual assault ads in the last days of the gubernatorial election campaign.

Once you established your Adwatch committee, it would have been difficult to abdicate such a responsibility when your evaluation was formally requested by one of the candidates.

The only way to avoid controversy is to do absolutely nothing!

Faye Kennedy

(Ed. note: As reported in the December Voter, the ADWATCH committee would have evaluated the Saiki ads whether or not another candidate requested that we do so.)

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