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President's Message: Leage Anticipates a Busy 1995 (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
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Volunteers Needed

President's Message: Leage Anticipates a Busy 1995

This message is brief so we can have room to report on the many activities currently underway as well as those being planned.

We closed out this year with our annual program planning meeting which was held at the Pagoda Hotel. We were very pleased that 51 members signed up for the luncheon meeting and that 40 members participated in the planning portion. The recommendations that came out of this meeting have been forwarded to the state board to be included on its agenda for the May 20th convention. (see below).

Our new mayor, Jeremy Harris, was the luncheon speaker. We had little time for questions and answers as the mayor delivered a very in-depth speech, covering more than we had anticipated, including an ambitious city plan for which we commend him. (see p. 2).

We anticipate a very busy year and we hope to see the membership interest shown at the annual meeting carry us through the new year. We especially hope that those of you who are new to the League will find an area of interest that you would be willing to contribute some of your valuable time to. Remember also that we are hosting a membership orientation meeting on January 14th at 9:30 a.m. and I look forward to meeting many of you then.

Suzanne Meisenzahl

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