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President's Message: League Explores Social Issues (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Congratulations, Meda!
League Faces Full Vote Count Schedule (Arlene Ellis)
Join the Phone Bank
Voter Service to Tackle Voters Guide for 1996 Election (Arlene Ellis)
Orientation Session Scheduled (Grace Furukawa)
UH Seeks Women for Health Study
City Council Observors Needed
Board Members Sought
League Responds to Contract with America
Analysis of the Proposed Balanced Budget Amendment
League Reacts to Proposed Job Creation Act
Tell it to Washington
Education Bill Analyzed (Marion Saunders)
League Positions Outlined
Congratulations, Arlene!
League Presents a Discussion on Violence
Letters to the Editor (Mildred Walston)
Good News and Bad News
Water Allocation Issues Studied (Carol Kleppin)

Letters to the Editor

As I see in the Voter, League is really busy! There are so many new names in the four years since I left there, but I see many of the old-timers are still hanging on. League sort of becomes a habit after a while.

Keep up the good work. I was a bit surprised that you finally have a new Pres. I hope poor Arlene is not totally worn out.

Mildred Watson
Former LWV/ Hon member, now living in Seattle

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