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President's Message: League Explores Social Issues (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Congratulations, Meda!
League Faces Full Vote Count Schedule (Arlene Ellis)
Join the Phone Bank
Voter Service to Tackle Voters Guide for 1996 Election (Arlene Ellis)
Orientation Session Scheduled (Grace Furukawa)
UH Seeks Women for Health Study
City Council Observors Needed
Board Members Sought
League Responds to Contract with America
Analysis of the Proposed Balanced Budget Amendment
League Reacts to Proposed Job Creation Act
Tell it to Washington
Education Bill Analyzed (Marion Saunders)
League Positions Outlined
Congratulations, Arlene!
League Presents a Discussion on Violence
Letters to the Editor (Mildred Walston)
Good News and Bad News
Water Allocation Issues Studied (Carol Kleppin)

President's Message: League Explores Social Issues

In the following pages, League looks at "Contract with America," the incoming House Republicans' new legislative agenda.

Becky Cain, LWV/US president, in the December issue of Report From the Hill, stated: "The League of Women Voters believes that scaling back government this drastically is not in the best interest of citizens. Government at its best is citizens coming together to resolve national problems.

"What we need is to restore people's faith in government. We have to make government work more efficiently, more effectively and be more responsive to the citizens. But government is not the enemy."

Dr. Patrick deLeon, administrative assistant to Sen. Daniel Inouye, will be in the League office on Friday, March 3rd, for a discussion of the Contract and the future of health care legislation.

February and March will be busy months for all Leaguers. In addition to special events, such as the discussion on violence with Judge Michael Town and Prosecuting Attorney Keith Kaneshiro described on page seven, we will conduct several vote counts. Please check the calendar and plan to participate in your League activities.

Suzanne Meisenzahl

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