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President's Message: League Acts on Legislative Fronts (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Orientation Meeting for New Members Scheduled (Grace Furukawa)
Voter Guide to Be Published (Arlene Ellis)
Contract with America Theme of Annual Meeting
Nominating Committee Submits Slate
Action Alert on Term Limits
City Council Defers Action on Bill 104 (Astrid Monson)
LWV-Honolulu Budget Report
Congratulations, Dr. Margaret Copi!
LWV 75th Anniversary Crossword Puzzle
Vocational Education, Charter Schools on Agenda (Marion Saunders)

Action Alert on Term Limits

Floor action in both houses of Congress on a constitutional amendment to set term limits for members of Congress could come as early as March. League members are asked to call and write their senators and representatives and oppose any such measure for the following reasons:

  1. Term limits interfere with the fundamental right of voters to elect their own representatives. League believes that voters can be trusted to elect their representatives without government stepping in to arbitrarily regulate their choices.

  2. Term limits would weaken the legislative branch of government - and strengthen an already powerful presidency, upsetting the constitutional balance of powers.

  3. Term limits ignore the need for experience in Congress, where complex public policy issues are decided. Term limits would result in increased reliance on congressional staff, lobbyists and other unelected "insiders."
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