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President's Message: League Acts on Legislative Fronts (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Orientation Meeting for New Members Scheduled (Grace Furukawa)
Voter Guide to Be Published (Arlene Ellis)
Contract with America Theme of Annual Meeting
Nominating Committee Submits Slate
Action Alert on Term Limits
City Council Defers Action on Bill 104 (Astrid Monson)
LWV-Honolulu Budget Report
Congratulations, Dr. Margaret Copi!
LWV 75th Anniversary Crossword Puzzle
Vocational Education, Charter Schools on Agenda (Marion Saunders)

President's Message: League Acts on Legislative Fronts

The Honolulu City Council honored our League with a proclamation commemorating the 75th anniversary of the League of Women Voters. The League was founded on Feb. 14, 1920 as a "mighty experiment" at the "Victory Celebration of the National American Woman Suffrage Association in Chicago. (By then 33 states had ratified the suffrage amendment but final victory was still 3 months away.)

With Marion Saunders, cofounder and charter member of the League in Hawaii, I and other board members attended the presentation to receive the proclamation, which was introduced by councilmembers Duke Bainum and Jon Yoshimura. Thank you to the Council for this honor.

Duke Bainum presents Council citation to President Suzanne Meisenzahl and LWV/HI founder Marion Saunders and members of the Honolulu Board

The Honolulu league has some legislative priorities which we are addressing on behalf of the state league to the extent our time and resources allow. These priorities include Campaign Finance Reform, Ethics in Government, Elections, Violence Prevention, Transportation and the Waikiki Special Design District. Please let us know if you have any time to assist in our lobbying efforts.

On the national level, the past few months have brought a whirlwind of change. With Republicans in control of Congress for the first time in 40 years, every day brings new proposals which we League members will be asked to analyze and to provide comment. The first ACTION ALERT from National, relating to term limit amendments, is described on p.2. When you read it, please take a minute to write a letter or make a phone call to your Congressional delegation. It truly does work

For more information on national issues call the LWVUS legislative update hotline at (202) 429-1965 ext. 324.

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu and Common Cause Hawaii jointly formed the Hawaii Citizens Network. Over 40 persons attended the first meeting, where we introduced ourselves and voiced our concerns. At the second meeting, four issues were selected for action: continue yearround funding for the public access room; the whistle blower bill; six day notice for hearings; and televised hearing access. The Hawaii Citizens Network meets regularly on Fridays at 5 p.m. at the coffee shop on the second floor of the State Office Tower, next door to the public access room. Please join us!

Suzanne Meisenzahl

A Reminder...

Fri., Mar. 3, noon, office: Capitol Hill update with Patrick DeLeon, administrative aide to Sen. Daniel Inoyue

Sat., Mar. 4, 9:30 a.m. Von Holt Room St. Andrews Cathedral: Panel on Violence in Hawaii

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