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President's Message: Annual Meeting to Cap Busy League Year (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
League Sponsors a Discussion on Violence (Pamela Ferguson-Brey)
League Works Toward Resolution of Issues (Astrid Monson)
League Meets with Inouye Aide
Vote Counts (Arlene Ellis)
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League Meets with Inouye Aide

(l. to r.) Arlene Ellis, Jackie Parnell, Betty Adams and Patrick DeLeon of Senator Inouye's office discussing the "Contract With America."

Patrick DeLeon, senior aide to Senator Dan Inouye for the past 22 years, shared his insider impressions of Congress with 15 League members at a brown bag lunch in League's office. His comments were frank and direct and did not seem to be overly prejudiced toward one party or another. The hour and a half passed quickly, and there was consensus among those attending that we would have liked to have kept him for another hour and a half at least.

He stated that much of what happens in Congress these days is controlled by sound bites, such as the "balanced budget" and it is up to groups like ours to continue to educate the public on what really is involved and who really would be affected. Traditionally, the Senate has brought reason to the legislative process, but with a House now fully controlled by the Republicans, and much of the Senate agenda driven by the political ambitions of those members running for president, it may be more difficult, he said.

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