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Vote Counts (Arlene Ellis)
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Vote Counts

Many thanks and a job "well done" to the 18 hardy souls who spent grueling hours at the Pearl Harbor and Oahu One credit unions polling sites for the past two weeks. We always appreciate the efforts of "old faithfuls" and were delighted at the new people who volunteered to help. Many of us have found that this is a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas with other members and friends we have not seen for a while.

The last vote count for the first half of this year is being held in the League office every week day from 10:00 am to approximately noon. If you have a moment to spare, we would appreciate your attendance. Call the office before making the trek, to make sure the mail was delivered and we have work for the day. This vote count ends on April 8.

Technology comes to the vote counts. At the Pearl Harbor Credit Union final tally, Pearl Johnson, Carol Kleppin and Jean Aoki.

Arlene Ellis
Elections Coordinator

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