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Abercrombie Challenges League

Rep. Neil Abercrombie sprinkled his dynamic and passionate remarks on the issues confronting congress and the American people with many challenges for the League.

At the League's Annual Meeting he said: "League finds itself in a special circumstance that you have to deal with.

You are respectable. You have credibility. When you put your name in front of something, people tend to think you're on the level. You're not cheating, you have no hidden agenda. That's why you're important." And he inferred that because of this League had a "terrible" responsibility.

Some of the issues Rep. Abercrombie addressed were: Campaign expenditures (need to be controlled); free access to radio and television for public discussion of issues; term limits for elected officials (issue is a "smoke screen"); the line-item veto (will result in executive government and democracy will suffer).

Abercrombie also touched on the budget-making process, the balanced budget, and the Personal Responsibility Act. He ended his remarks with advice to the League to come to grips with the question: "How are we going to do the work League needs to do and has done historically in a contemporary fashion as we go into the 21st century?"

Few people will thank you, he said, and you shouldn't expect it. You gain satisfaction by doing the work that needs to be done in order to make democracy work.

Jean Aoki

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