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State League Convention Notes

Jacqueline Kido of Kauai League was installed as president of LWV of Hawaii at State Convention on May 20 at the Outrigger Prince Kuhio Hotel. Jackie (nee Vogt), formerly a very active Honolulu League member, brings much enthusiasm and knowledge of League policy and process to her new position.

Serving with her will be Suzanne Meisenzahl as vice president and Sue Irvine as treasurer. Because of a bylaw provision that separates the positions of secretary and treasurer, a secretary will be appointed to serve till the next election.

The 4 directors elected for 2-year terms are: Elizabeth Adams, Cira de Castillo, Pamela Ferguson-Brey, and Robin Loomis. Up to four additional directors will be appointed by the president, and, with the new bylaw amendments, the presidents of the 3 local leagues or their designees will round out the board.

Grace Furukawa, Arlene Ellis, and Jackie Parnell were elected to the Nominating Committee for the 1995-96 term only. A new bylaw provision bars consecutive terms for nominating committee members.

Two Studies to Keep League Busy

A study of the controversial issue of legalized gambling for Hawaii, proposed by the Kona branch of the Hawaii County league, was approved.

Although State Board had recommended dropping the home rule study, the convention approved a fresh start on this study based on the highly centralized nature of our state government, the continued disagreements over the distribution of taxes and fees between the state and counties, and the possibility of a state constitutional convention in 1998.

Constitutional Convention in 1998?

Speaking for Honolulu League, Vice President Jean Aoki urged State to prepare for the 1996 referendum on whether to convene a state constitutional convention in 1998 and for the convention itself should voters so decide.

Aoki feels this should be a top priority for state and local leagues. If the voters say "yes", it will be the most important government activity and a "natural for the League." It would be an opportunity for state and local leagues to work on a common objective, using the resources and strengths of all, which could re-energize League.

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