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League Forms Con-Con Committee

The Board of Directors of the State League has decided to make the State of Hawaii Constitutional Convention one of the League's major focuses this year and possibly for the next few years if the voters approve its convening.

In the 1996 State elections, the question on whether Hawaii should hold a constitutional Convention in 1998 will be on the ballot. In preparation for this referendum, League will be gathering information that will be necessary to help us decide whether we need a convention at this.

Whether League takes a position on this question or not, we should be prepared to enter the public debate either as advocates of a position, or as facilitators to promote the dissemination of factual and honest information.

This project will be a combined effort of all the local Leagues coordinated by the State League Con-Con Committee.

Whether you are interested in one issue that might be addressed by such a convention, or are interested in the process itself, whether you can devote a great deal of effort and time to this project or just a few hours, or if you have some views you would like to share with us, you are needed. Please contact the office and leave your name and phone number, or call Jean Aoki at 949-7457.

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