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Planning Officer Meets with P&Z Committee

Cheryl D. Soon, the City's new Chief Planning Officer met with League's Planning & Zoning Committee at the regular monthly meeting on 6/26. In a thorough and wide-ranging review, Soon brought the Committee up-todate on what the Department is doing and on the status of such activities as the Ewa and Central Oahu Development Plan revisions, the first Biennial Report (under the 1992 Charter provisions), the 1995 Annual D.P. Review (under the previous procedure), functional plans, funding infrastructure, special area plans, and planning assistance on specific areas, task forces and projects.

Of primary importance are the Ewa and Central Oahu D.P. revisions, and on which public hearings will be held on 9/19 (Ewa DP) and 9/25 (Central Oahu DP). The North Shore DP revision is beginning with employment of consultants to included special emphasis on agricultural expertise. Waianae will follow, with Koolauloa and Koolaupoko to start year from now. Work on the Primary Urban Center is starting soon.

The pending 1995 Annual DP Review amendments package is scheduled to go to the Planning Commission 7/1 for public hearings. In April of this year, League sent in our recommendations primarily urging that no action be taken on two large developments – one in Oahu for land to be approved for 10,580 homes requested by Gentry, and one in Ewa for 10,000 homes by Schuler – pending completion and adoption of – the revised DP's for these areas.

The first biennial report is at the printers and will be available in July. Unlike the previous annual reviews of project applications, the Charter now requires that biennial reports" review the condition of the city and the city's regulatory system and capital improvement program with respect to the policies and objectives of the General Plan and guidelines and principles of the Development Plans. The report may recommend revisions to the General Plan and Development Plans or changes to implementing regulatory or budgetary programs."

When the draft Ewa and Central Oahu revised DP's are received, League will review them in detail and comment on eleven specific issues as outlined by the Planning Department, as well as on other matters League considers relevant. Comments are due 8/28.

Members are urged to attend the public presentations to be held by neighborhood boards in July as well as at two general public informational meetings on August 7 on Ewa and August 9 on Central Oahu. Since all the dates are subject to change, watch the papers or call the Planning Department for time and place.

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