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President's Message: Initiative to Renew Democracy (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
LWV Constitutional Convention Committee Begins Its Work
Membership Luncheon on UN Conference on Women
LWVUS Delegate Shares Beijing Experience (Terry McCoy)
Remarks for the UN 4th World Conference on Women (Hillary Clinton)
Enterprise Zones Designated by Council
Leaguers Not Happy with Suffrage Stamp
Violence Prevention Coordinating Council
Hobron Lane DP Change Referred Back to Committee
Conference Announcement


Past president Arlene Kim Ellis has recently been appointed by the Governor to the Ethics Commission.

The Ethics Commission is the watchdog on the standards of conduct among government employees and officials. The last legislature expanded the role of the Commission and opened the meetings to the public.

Ellis says "friends were sure I was too radical an activist to be appointed to the Commission and needless to say, I had given up."

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