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Hobron Lane DP Change Referred Back to Committee

By a 5 to 4 decision, the City Council on Sept. 20 voted to send back to the Economic Development & Planning Committee Bill 104, which would change the DP designation of Waikiki's Hobron Lane area back to Apartment Use from the Resort Mix Use it was given in 1992.

This was the sixth time League testified in favor of the change. Our testimony was:

We have supported DP redesignation of the Hobron/Ala Wai Gateway area back to Apartment Use ever since the City Council first proposed it on January 21,1994.

As we have testified on five separate occasions, we urge you to take final action today to reverse the 1992 designation of this site for Resort Mixed Use.

As you doubtless know, Mayor Harris has established a Waikiki Task Force, on which we are represented, which has been working on recommendations on a Master Plan for Waikiki and on changes, if any, which might be needed in the Waikiki Special District zoning regulations to implement it. A draft map was presented to that Task Force, which called for changing the Hobron Area's designation back to its previous apartment use, as does Bill 104. Though we feel that comprehensive planning of Waikiki is essential before any zoning changes are made, we think that Bill 104 will in the meantime, prevent any premature Resort Mixed Use development in the area by maintaining its present residential use.

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