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Leaguers Not Happy with Suffrage Stamp

On August 26 on the lawn of the Kauai County Building complete with bunting, music and political speeches the Kauai League celebrated Ratification Day. Brad Hirano, postmaster unveiled the Women's Suffrage stamp. You really had to strain your eyes to make out what it was. Besides the 32 cent suffrage stamp the Alice Paul stamp was presented. It was wonderful but the denomination was 78 cents. When does anyone have occasion to use one of them?

In checking the LWV Internet other Leaguers seem to agree. Elaine Hopkins is a Leaguer and scientific illustrator with the Smithsonian Institute. She writes that it is the worst piece of graphic design she has seen in years. Graphics is her job. The "E" in Equality is practically invisible because of the poor choice of colors. The weight of the lettering is too delicate to show up, even if it were larger. The picture of the women with the banner apparently is not from a suffrage march but from a NOW march. The stamp was designed by April Greiman, Los Angeles; Art Director Derry Noyes, Washington, DC; and the Project Manager was Elizabeth Altobell, Stamp Services.

Olivia Thorne from Pennsylvania LWV said they also had an event and the stamp was issued to celebrate. The post mistress spoke quietly of her dislike for such an ugly stamp. She says that the post office is sure to lose money. It will not be heavily requested and will not be popular with the stamp collectors.

Remember the Susan B. Anthony dollar coins?

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