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LWV Constitutional Convention Committee Begins Its Work
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Conference Announcement

LWV Constitutional Convention Committee Begins Its Work

Honolulu League's Constitutional Convention Committee has begun its work of gathering information which will help us decide whether a constitutional convention is needed at this time to amend the Constitution of the State of Hawaii. An organizational meeting was held on Sept. 9th to decide on the initial course of action and to determine subcommittee assignments.

On Sept. 30th former State Senator Mary George is scheduled to talk to the committee and other interested league members on the role league played in the 1968 convention. She will also share other information that will help us determine how we can best achieve our goals of keeping citizens informed and involved in each phase, beginning with the one to determine whether we need a convention in 1998.

Public debate will begin early next year and intensify as the 1996 election day approaches. League should arrive at a position by March or April of 1996.

The next Con Con Committee meeting is scheduled for Oct. 21 at 9:30 AM in the League office. We invite all of you to join this committee. Call the League office to indicate your interest and someone will contact you to give you the details.

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