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Advisory on Candidates - Charity Fundraising Functions

The Campaign Spending Commission has come up with an advisory opinion that clarifies when donations to charity fundraising actions should be considered campaign contributions and when they should not.

The key distinction is the control over the donations and their dispersal. Donations to charitable organizations and community organizations, youth, recreation or social groups in the name of the candidate would be considered campaign expenditures subject to all the laws and rules governing campaign expenditures and contributions. Where a "charity fundraising function is organized, sponsored, or sanctioned by a candidate in a way that will result in no money being controlled or dispersed by a candidate and is promoted for a purpose not related to the nomination or election of a candidate, all monies collected through the function shall not be considered campaign contributions that must be reported by a candidate. Contributors shall make donations directly t( the recognized community) organization or charity."

Where the function is deemed a campaign fundraiser, the donations would count toward the donor's $2000 contribution limit. This would eliminate the use of functions like the charity golf tournament to get around the $2000. contribution limit.

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