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Education Committee Report

The State League's Education Committee met Tuesday, Sept. 26 at the home of Chair Marion Saunders.

The Ambitious agenda included excellent presentations and discussion from Board of Education member Kelly King (Maui) and Bob Watada from Waialae Elementary school. Ms. King described her interests on the BOE and her hopes for reform. Bob described Waialae School efforts to become an operating "Student Centered School."

Final decisions on recommended positions for the League will be made at the Nov. meeting but the inclination of the chair is to support school-based educational reform broadly, with a range of specific options that could be chosen at the local school level.

Relationship of the education committee for the Honolulu League and for the State has been clarified. Since the committee members are one and the same, it was recommended and accepted that the Honolulu League's Education Committee be dissolved. Pam Christoffel will serve as representative of the State Education Committee to the Board of the Honolulu League and will keep that body fully informed of any educational developments.

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