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General Membership Meeting


What are the reasons for having a constitutional convention in 1998? What are the objections? Where might the push or the objections for having one come from?

Besides these questions. there is the problem of what should go into a constitution and what should be left to statutory law. Will the privacy provision in our constitution be assaulted?

How about Judge Wendell Huddy's ruling that "confidentiality provisions in collective-bargaining agreements for government workers supersede Hawaii's sunshine law." (S.B. 10/28/95) Is this something that should be addressed in the constitution?

These questions and more will be discussed by an exciting panel of speakers well versed in our state constitution and in the mechanism of constitutional convention

DR. NORMAN MELLER, Professor Emeritus, UH/Manoa, Author of With Understanding Heart – Constitution Making in Hawaii

DR. ANNE FEDER LEE, former LWV President, Author of The Hawaii State Constitution - A Reference Guide

DR JON VAN DYKE, Professor of Constitutional Law, UH Manoa

Moderator: SYLVIA LEVY. Member of Honolulu League's Con-Con Committee

CHANGE: Whether we like it or not there's going to be change at all levels of government. Nationally, we finally have the will to address the deficit and the terrible debt burden. We differ on the "how." At the state and county levels. we suffer decreasing revenues and need to anticipate the added responsibilities for federal programs now being shifted to the states.

  • What should League's priorities be in the coming year?

  • Where can we make the biggest contributions, the greatest impact?

  • What are your concerns in regard to League at all levels?

For our National League program. our National Board is recommending that the program entitled "Initiative to Renew Democracy" be our sole focus for the next two years. Read the article on the next page to get the sense of this initiative and its implications to state and local Leagues.

League needs direction from all of our members. Come to this meeting prepared to express your concerns. your ideas. Together. we can shape the decisions that need to be made at Honolulu's Annual Meeting in April, State Council in May. and the 1996 National Convention in June.

DATE: Saturday, December 9,1995

TIME: 9:00AM
Registration 9:30AM
Business Meeting 11:00AM
Luncheon 11:45AM Program

PLACE: Waioli Tea Room
2950 Manoa Road

COST: $14.75 Per Person

Reservations need to be in early for the December 9th Program Planning Meeting as space is limited at the Waioli Tea Room so please sign up right away. Car pooling wherever possible is a good idea as parking there is limited.

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