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President's Message (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
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President's Message

After assuring me that nothing untoward was likely to happen, Arlene Ellis departed Monday, October 2nd for a well earned six week holiday to Eastern Europe and England. Within 24 hours of her departure Astrid landed in the hospital with heart rhythm problems. Two days later Annie Kim received a call in the office warning us that on the following Wednesday, October 11th, the City Council would be taking action on a proposed deal with Bishop Estate, giving Bishop almost unlimited development rights in East Honolulu for twenty years, in exchange for their dropping various lawsuits against the city alleging illegal down zoning, including Sandy Beach.

Three hours after the call, armed with a bootlegged copy of a thirty page committee report and proposed consent decree, Jean Aoki, Annie, and I were sitting around Astrid's hospital bed reading the document and planning our strategy. Astrid, armed with a two hour old pacemaker was on the phone registering Jean to testify the following Wednesday.

Home from the hospital the next day, while I cooked and cleaned for her, Astrid was either writing testimony or on the phone making other organizations aware of the upcoming hearing. By late Monday afternoon the testimony was typed and delivered to the City Council, press releases issued, and on Wednesday, Jean read it before the Council. Next time Arlene leaves town we are all going with her!

Suzanne Meisenzahl

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