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Council Member Felix Speaks on East Honolulu Settlement

Council Member John Henry Felix addressed some twenty members of League's Planning & Zoning Committee, and others interested, on the background, present status and future steps involved in the proposed settlement of some eight law suits against the City charging illegal down-zoning several years ago, various East Honolulu parcels of land including Queen's Beach and Golf Course 5 and 6 (Sandy Beach), in exchange for approval of 12 desired developments. As council member for East Honolulu Mr. Felix has called the proposed settlement procedure "blackmail" in April 1995, when it first became public after some six years of negotiation in secret, between the City's Corporation Counsel and the plaintiffs in various State and Federal court cases, including Bishop, Kaiser, Bedford, and the Hawaii Kai Development Corporation. (See November Voter for a summary of League's testimony at a Council meeting October 11)

The draft settlement procedure (Resolution 553) was adopted by a 5-4 vote of the Council, with Council members Holmes, Felix, Bainum, and Mirikitani voting to "file the Resolution". Mr. Yoshimura, who had voted against the Resolution in Committee the previous week seems to have voted "no" on the motion to file. Motions to reconsider and to remit were then voted down, again by 5-4 votes. This time with Mirikitani voting against them.

DeSoto, Hanneman, Mansho and Donna Kim consistently voted to approve the Resolution. Following the 10111 meeting the Corporation Counsel's office is in the process of making

extensive revisions to the draft settlement procedure and the draft consent decree. These are not available at this time for public review or comment. It is expected that in revised form they will be submitted to the U.S. Circuit Court early in January , after which they are considered public documents. Councilwomen Felix has tentatively scheduled a information meeting at Koko head Elementary School on Thursday, Jan. 4 at 7PM, but the date may well be changed. League members living in East Honolulu, as well as others interested, are urged to attend. Check with 547-7003 late in December to get the correct information.

We are grateful to Councilmember Felix for meeting with us on November 20 and for his opposition to this unprecedented abdication of the public's right to determine planning & zoning, under the threat of litigation.

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