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Honolulu League Endorses LWVUS's Focus on the "Initiative to Renew Democracy"

National League's recommendation to make "The Initiative to Renew Democracy" the sole focus in the next biennium was endorsed by Honolulu Leaguers who attended Honolulu League's membership meeting on Dec. 9 at the Waioli Tea Room.

After President Suzanne Meisenzahl discussed the reason for and the objectives of this initiative, discussion centered on what our local is already doing and what else we could do under the 6 strategies suggested by National. Much of the discussion and ideas for action fell with two of the strategies: Citizen Education and Voter turnout strategies. Ideas flowed freely – from the need to address a problem reported the day before in a local newspaper about Hawaii's dismal raking among states in voter participation by the very poor to the need to get all of the Neighborhood Boards more involved on certain issues that on the surface seem to impact only one or two neighborhoods and yet the policies developed would sooner or later affect them On enfranchising the poor suggestions ranged from going to various institutions – retirement homes and public housing projects and even Kapiolani & Aala Parks where the homeless congregate – to not only register and arrange for absentee voting but getting the people discussing issues that affect them the most.

The membership seemed willing to endorse Honolulu Board's recommendation that no new studies be adopted for the next year and that we concentrate on action to support the positions in our program and the various strategies suggested under National's Initiative to Renew Democracy should that be adopted at National Convention.

Chairs of several committees presented reports on the major projects undertaken or in the planning stages for the new calendar year.

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