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Con Con Committee

Members of the Honolulu League Con Con Committee are busy surveying knowledgeable people in our community about their views on whether a 1998 Constitutional Convention is necessary. Much work went into preparing for the interviews, and we'd like to acknowledge the efforts of these members, most of whom carry full-time jobs or are involved in a myriad of other activities for and outside of League.

Special thanks go to Senator Les Ihara for helping to gather so much of the reference material for our library. Evelyn Bender and Ah Jook Ku have been the sources of many ideas and suggestions, and of course, President Suzanne Meisenzahl, Arlene Ellis and Annie Kim willingly serving in any capacity as needed.

Chairs and members of the various subcommittees doing the surveys are:

Bill of Rights: Martha Ross, Christine Andrews, Pamela Ferguson-Brey, Patricia Card, Suzanne Meisenzahl, Marion Saunders, Chiye Wenkam

Suffrage and Elections: Larry Meacham, Ann Todd, Shirley Robinson

The Legislature: Sumiye Konoshima, ch; Arlene Ellis, Lynne Matusow

The Judiciary: Martha Ross, ch; Christine Andrews, Pamela Ferguson-Brey, Patricia Card, Suzanne Meisenzahl, Chiye Wenkam

Taxation and Finance: Pearl Johnson, ch; Jean Aoki, Arlene Ellis

Local Government: Jackie Parnell, ch; Duke Bainum, Marilyn Bornhorst, Les Ihara, Robin Loomis, Lynne Matusow

Public Health and Welfare: Grace Furukawa, ch; Elizabeth Adams, Irene Coogan, Pamela Christoffel, Sylvia Levy, Chris Ling, Gladys Park

Education: Marion Saunders, ch; Pamela Christoffel, Bernice Hayashida, Clint Morantz, Alan Simpkins

Conservations Control and Development of Resources: Martha Black, ch; Carol Kleppin

Hawaiian Affairs: Luree Hays, ch; Pauline Kaneta, Sarah Quick, Marion Saunders

Code of Ethics: Arlene Ellis, ch; Sumiye Konishima

Revisions and Amendments: Lynn Matusow, ch; Jean Aoki, Mary-Jane McMurdo

Jean Aoki
chair, League Con Con Committee

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